Portal Manager

  • 学历要求: 不限
  • 外语要求: 熟练
  • 年龄要求: 不限
  • 专业要求: 不限
  • 工作年限: 五年以上
  • 月薪范围: 面议
  • 职位性质: 全职
  • 工作地点: 上海
  • 招聘人数: 若干


Purpose of the Job
To oversee and manage all activity related to the content, operation and general administration of the web sites of ElsevierMed.cn, including content, links, promotion, acitvity, business model, related projects and all links to other sites and services.
strategicly manage ElsevierMed.cn, make the website welcomed, high traffic, and profitable.

Key Result Areas
Overall strategy
Develop overall plan of the website including resource allocation, financial issue, business model, media cooperation, marketing activity, etc.
Content plan
Manage the content staff, develop content plan of the year, including developing and maintaining schedules, training and developing them on new technology.
Oversee the correctness and viability of the current sites, identifying areas that need correction and initiating processes to make those corrections personally or through others.
Report and annaylsis
Track, compile, report and analyze all web statistics in a timely manner, communicating useful trends and other observations to the SPM.
Maintain an accurate overview of all site activity and its effectiveness, looking for new and more effective processes to accomplish excellent site management each day.
Develop new function
Develop, implement and oversee a testing procedure for all new programming development, including the criteria, the testing process, coordination with those doing the testing, the communication with the programming staff of testing results, and validating the accuracy and completeness of needed changes.

Education, Knowledge, Skills and Experiences (and any other requirements)
Minimum 5 years in healthcare industry, especially in healthcare e/print media.
Significant experience in web management, strong knowledge of website techniques and procedures
Experience in marketing actions such brand positioning, promotional campaigns…
Experience in creating e-marketing actions using internet as main channel, which supposes a good technical background in internet technologies (Html, Xml, .net, Flash…)
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Ability to be efficient and productive under pressure
Fluent in English
University degree


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